Good morning friends! I wanted to share my coffee bar today & a few styling tips to help you create your own functional but stylish hot drinks station! Are you a coffee lover like me? This has become an essential space in our home & I love making changes to make it work for us as a family. I want to share how I styled this space & some ideas on how to make it look visually pleasing & workable for your morning routine needs. So lets start with choosing the ideal space for your coffee bar station.


    Are you team artificial or team real? I have made it no secret that I am the worlds worst plant lady so I stick firmly to artificial plants in our home with the exception of cut flowers which are a must in the Spring & Summer seasons. Today, spotting the difference between a real or an artificial plant is much harder than you would think with so many great options to choose from. So why do I choose artificial over real? Well the answer is simple, I can't kill them! They stay fresh forever (a little sprinkle of dust just adds to the texture!!), they can easily be moved from…


    Hello Spring, oh how I have been waiting for you! This Winter seems to have dragged & my bones are ready to be warmed by a bit of warm Spring sunshine. The first signs of Spring are happening in the garden so its time for me to bring some Spring vibes into the house. I just love decorating for this season as its a chance to freshen things up & move forward away from the dullness that Winter can bring! This area in our kitchen seemed to be the perfect spot for a coffee bar, which may I add is an essential thing to have in our home!

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