Good morning friends! I wanted to share my coffee bar today & a few styling tips to help you create your own functional but stylish hot drinks station! Are you a coffee lover like me? This has become an essential space in our home & I love making changes to make it work for us as a family.

I want to share how I styled this space & some ideas on how to make it look visually pleasing & workable for your morning routine needs. So lets start with choosing the ideal space for your coffee bar station.

So the obvious & most practical space for your coffee bar is the kitchen but if you don’t have the space, create it where it works for you.

This coffee bar is the first thing you see when walking into our kitchen all tired eyed first thing in the morning! Located directly next to the sink & to the left of the main window looking out onto the garden. For us its the perfect location & I spend many mornings waiting for my coffee to brew staring out of the window.

The cupboard under the counter is an organised (well most of the time) storage space where we keep all the hot drink essentials like coffee beans, sugar, tea bags, spare mugs & barista accessories.

We originally had over head units here but I decided to rip them out when we first moved in so that I could have things on show & to open up the space. Open shelving is perfect for styling a coffee bar but you can quite easily create one within a cupboard, in a dresser, on a serving trolley, on your counter top or on a buffet.

I tend to keep things neutral in our home as that’s my style & it means I can easily change it up for each season! This year it’s all about the potting shed theme & i’m just loving all the woods, whites & greens.

Anything goes but its really down to your own preference & style.

I think the key is to tie your theme in with the rest of your space so that it flows. I have three spaces in our kitchen with open shelving & I like to run the colour & theme across them so that things aren’t too chaotic. Each shelf area is styled to be functional for that area of our kitchen.


I like to keep flavoured coffee beans on show in glass storage jars so that they are at hand. I also use the counter space below to display thrifted white jars which contain sweetener, tea bags & chocolate for dusting! You can easily pick up storage jars from any home or thrift store.

I also use storage jars in the cupboard below to keep things organised & fresh.


A collection of mugs used daily, espresso cups, tea spoons & sweetener. These items are placed easily at hand & in a way that works for us. For example I don’t drink espresso so the cups have been placed on the top shelf for Matt that is much taller than me.


To maximise the space I attached this mug rail with hooks to hang the coffee mugs we use most often. This set up is a great way to utilise the space more efficiently & it looks good too!


If you love vintage, get it on show.

I love to thrift for vintage pieces & the coffee bar was the obvious place to showcase my favourite tea pots.

This floral tea pot is my absolute fave so I pretty much keep it out all year through all the seasons.


I have a bit of an obsession with nice looking mugs & always have my favourite take pride of place.

This herbal Tea mug is from Anthropologie & I just love the design. It might sound crazy but my coffee always tastes better when I use it!

Function over style!?

I like to create a balance when styling shelves. The coffee bar is a good mix of functional items that are at hand as well as items that look good & tie in with my chosen theme or the current season.

I tend to keep more functional items forefront or on the counter top & at easy reach with the things ‘just for show’ further to the back or up high.

Unless you have lots of storage its always best to have a good balance.

Its always nice to be welcomed by a nice looking coffee bar, don’t you think?

I hope these tips have helped you to style your own coffee bar that works for you!

Thank you so much for reading the blog today! Happy home styling friends! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Lots of love

Anna xx

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